Improv Team Building

The team that laughs together, grows together.


Virtual, Hybrid, or In Person, we harness the power and joy of improv and theatre to strengthen teams made up of happier people and higher performers.
All of our fun and meaningful improv workshops are…

  • Customized to your team’s needs, goals, and core values
  • Designed for introverts and extraverts alike
  • Led by professional actors and comedians
  • Built to continue beyond the session, with techniques you can use in your work

Why Improv?

We do our best work together.

Improv is all about improving team engagement, cohesion and productivity. We emphasize things like…

  • Group ownership over ideas and execution
  • Setting each other up for success
  • Open communication and creative collaboration
Invest in happier people and higher performers.

Improv at work is not only hilariously fun, but also sharpens skills. We’re here to…

  • Fuel the workday with focus and energy
  • Unlock creativity and confidence at work
  • Level up public speaking and presentation skills

Virtual Improv

Build real connections, fight isolation, and think on your feet… from the comfort of your chair!

Our Virtual Improv workshops are designed to…

  • Break the ice with games built for video conferencing
  • Recapture the human connection of working in-office
  • Sharpen on-camera communication skills through acting techniques and exercises
  • Explore tools and tricks of the platform in an incredibly fun and creative way


Going back to the office can be a bit… weird. Improv can help!

Our In-Person Improv workshops are designed to…

  • Improve the transition back to the office
  • Add meaningful value (and fun) to an onsite
  • Sharpen presence and public speaking skills
  • Adhere to all health & safety measures in place, and take any extra steps to ensure comfort


Everybody plays!

Every Hybrid team is different.

Still, we love a challenge! Please contact us to discuss your situation and, if it’s a good fit, we’ll draft a plan to make it work!

Excited to get started?

Schedule a free call to plan your experience and
discuss pricing, logistics, and customization.

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