We're on a mission to help build stronger teams made up of happier people and higher performers. Our offerings use improv and theatre to strengthen your culture and people experience, build connections, and improve retention – all while having a great time!
"I felt happy and enlivened! I went on to do more creative things that day than I have in a week...
Changed my view of how much fun you could have in a virtual environment."
Brendon from...
"I felt like I was 10 pounds lighter! Still laughing and feeling great days later and I've been much more productive."
Cassie from...
"This was super great and super energizing! I have to admit I was super sceptical about YAZC (yet another zoom call), especially at the end of the day, but this was a very much needed refreshing boost!"
The Team at...

Enjoyed by 100+ Innovative companies...

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What we do

In our interactive virtual conference, you will...

• Build trust and engagement with your teammates using improv and acting exercises designed for video conferencing

• Cope with the stress of feeling isolated through fun improv games that foster team chemistry, confidence, and creativity  

• Learn how to communicate more effectively over the medium with techniques actors use on camera


How iT Works

All of our virtual trainings are...

• Customized to your team’s needs and goals

• Completely online over video conference

• Flexible with time, but generally about an hour

• Built to continue beyond the training, with techniques you can use for your distributed workplace


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Artly Working Onboarding Experience

Retaining your talent starts on day one. Partner with us to elevate your onboarding program.

We build custom workshops designed to embed your company’s values and culture into your new hire’s experience. Through games, discussions and applied learning, our team of actors and improvisers will help your team feel more connected to your mission, values, and each other. 


We will work with you to determine the right cadence and approach to bring your team members together. Whether it’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly, we can help you build community in a remote, hybrid or in person setting. Workshops will be customized to achieve your onboarding goals. Whether it’s to build or strengthen connections, introduce or deepen an understanding of values, or to simply have fun, we’ve got you covered. 



Gathering with Play & Purpose

Anyone can schedule a meeting. We’ll help you create and facilitate incredible gatherings. By breaking down the elements that allow for meaningful experiences, we give you the tools to strengthen your team and company culture whether remote, hybrid, or in-person.

After this truly interactive workshop you’ll be ready to…

  • Plan a successful meeting that focuses as much on what people should feel as what they should know

  • Lead engaging and accessible games and exercises on Zoom or in the office

  • Design your own gathering using our free template

Using improv activities, Zoom tools, and facilitation best practices, we help make every moment count. You will walk away from these workshops asking the right questions, to make your meetings better than ever.