Our mission has always been to help build better teams made up of happier people - and right now, that feels more important than ever
"I felt happy and enlivened! I went on to do more creative things that day than I have in a week...
Changed my view of how much fun you could have in a virtual environment."
Brendon from...
"I felt like I was 10 pounds lighter! Still laughing and feeling great days later and I've been much more productive."
Cassie from...
"This was super great and super energizing! I have to admit I was super sceptical about YAZC (yet another zoom call), especially at the end of the day, but this was a very much needed refreshing boost!"
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What we do

In our interactive virtual conference, you will...

• Build trust and engagement with your teammates using improv and acting exercises designed for video conferencing

• Cope with the stress of feeling isolated through fun improv games that foster team chemistry, confidence, and creativity  

• Learn how to communicate more effectively over the medium with techniques actors use on camera


How iT Works

All of our virtual trainings are...

• Customized to your team’s needs and goals

• Completely online over video conference

• Flexible with time, but generally about an hour

• Built to continue beyond the training, with techniques you can use for your distributed workplace


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Training for better communication over video conferencing

• On-camera acting methods for more dynamic communincation

• Broadcast techniques and presentational skills

• Customize your "set" for great light, sound, and camera angles