Creative training

in the Workplace

to Improve our___________

Team Building 

Improv Training



Build a more Cohesive, Engaged & Productive Team

It's all about...

• Group ownership over ideas and execution

• Setting each other up for success

• Open, bursty creative collaboration


Have more fun at work and gain skills to do your job better

We can help...​

• Fuel the workday with focus and energy

• Unlock creativity and confidence at work

• Level up public speaking and presentation skills

Team Chemistry • Confidence and Creativity • Performance Under Pressure
This is Artly Working
Using improv comedy and acting techniques, we help teams and people be more engaged, creative, and confident at work. From team building to public speaking, our team of professional artists share valuable skills for work and life in an incredibly fun and horizon-broadening way. All of our trainings are tailor-made for your team and support your unique company culture.

What We Do

In our interactive trainings your team will...

• Circle up for a challenging and fun slate of improv-based team building exercises and games

• Use improv to think creatively in real time, both as a collaborator and contributor

• Practice acting techniques that you can use at work

How iT Works

All of our trainings are...

• Led by professional actors and artists

• Customized to your team’s needs and goals

• Great as a single session, but even better as a series of workshops

• Built to continue beyond the training, with techniques you can use at work


What People are saying

“David was a wonderful facilitator, and got the entire group engaged in the process, even the few skeptics  who were reluctant to do something this “outside the box”. By the end of the session, the group was clearly happy to have participated and asked for more similar sessions. We certainly would love to have him back for additional sessions.”

John, Senior Assoc. Dean - Graduate Medical Education

Sydney Kimmel Medical College



What we offer

All of our programs are fully customized to the needs and goals of your team, but here are some ideas to get the ball rolling...

Based in the principles of improv comedy, we center on a workshop (or series of workshops) comprising games, exercises, and occasional group discussions to create a fun, safe, and horizon-broadening experience for everyone.

Learn how to craft jokes and create a stand-up comedy set, and how that can help you be a more dynamic and confident speaker. You'll gain tools for adding humor to your pitches and presentations, while developing creative collaboration skills with your teammates. 

With improv at its core, we've developed several workshops to address the needs of the healthcare community. We stress the interpersonal skills that make you a better caregiver, and the sense of play that makes you happier one. The result is a more creative and human healthcare force, with less burnout.  

When your team is working from home, Virtual Improv helps recapture the group dynamics of being in a room together, and cope with the drawbacks of isolation. Click here for more info...


Let's Get Artly WOrking!

For booking, a quote, or just to ask us a question, please contact us below. Let us know a little about your company, your team, and what you're looking for - once we have a date on the calendar, we'll start planning your customized Artly Working experience!




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