Additional Offerings

More ways to play!

From ad hoc team building to regular onboarding experiences, all of our programming is fully customized to your needs, goals, and values.


When combined in a package, each Artly Working experience can be part of a cohesive learning and development tool that not only fosters connection and strengthens culture, but also builds real skills (in a real fun way)! 

Here are some popular packages:

Onboarding + Better Meetings

We build off our values based games to bring new hires up to speed on how to design and participate in a more effective and meaningful meeting.

Leadership Conservatory

Improv + On Camera and In-Person Public Speaking + Better Meetings… and even a little Shakespeare. We’ll use our expertise as Actors to unlock your full potential as a leader.

AW Black Box

We’re always coming up with new ways to play (and learn some things in the process). We call these nascent experiences Black Box programs.

If you’re interested in trying any of these experiences, the first step is to set up a call! We’ll go over details, customizations, and discounted pricing for helping us develop what could be the next big Artly Working thing!

Stand Up Comedy for Pitches and Presentations

Some people have always wanted to try it – others say it’s their greatest fear! Your team will cross this off your bucket list while gaining useful public speaking skills, collaborating on creative material, and finding your own unique sense of humor along the way!

Company Olympics

This culture builder is all about building a tradition that employees can look forward to every year. (Anyone who’s been to summer camp knows what we’re talking about!) We’ll build an escalating series of challenges that span a breadth of skills and creative arts, all customized to your culture and core values.

Award Shows

Celebrate your company values and the people who embody them with a values-themed Award Show (think somewhere between the Oscars and the Dundees). It can be done as a mad-dash field day where the whole show comes together in one day, or something with a little more design and planning.

All of these can be enjoyed virtually, in-person, or hybrid, depending on what will work best for you!

Our clients include:

More From Artly Working

Artly Working is on a mission to help build stronger teams made up of happier people and higher performers. Our offerings use improv and theatre to strengthen your culture and people experience, build connections, and improve retention – all while having a great time!

All programs are available Virtually or In Person

Improv Team Building

The classic Artly Working experience built around your team’s needs, goals, and values
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Onboarding Experience

A customized, repeatable culture builder that helps new hires learn and act on your core values
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Better Meetings

A hands-on, interactive training designed to make all your meetings more purposeful, effective, and fun
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