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For booking, a quote, or just to ask us a question, please contact us below. Let us know a little about your company, your team, and what you're looking for - once we have a date on the calendar, we'll start planning your customized Artly Working experience!





Based in New York, NY

in the great Borough of Brooklyn

Contact us at info@artlyworking.com


Team Building

Create the virtual workplace culture you want by bringing the Artly Working improv experience online. 

• Support and connect with your team

• Recapture your team's creative drive

• Cope with the challenges of isolation

• De-stress with your teammates

What we do

In our interactive virtual conference, you will...

• Build trust and engagement with your teammates using improv and acting exercises designed for video conferencing

• Cope with the stress of feeling isolated through fun improv games that foster team chemistry, confidence, and creativity  

• Learn how to communicate more effectively over the medium with techniques actors use on camera


How iT Works

All of our virtual trainings are...

• Customized to your team’s needs and goals

• Completely online over video conference

• Flexible with time, but generally about an hour

• Built to continue beyond the training, with techniques you can use for your distributed workplace

What people are saying

The Artly Working session was super fun in the moment, and provided a relief from the stress of the workday.  Even though it felt like recess, I found myself reflecting on it and using some of what we did on my work calls.  And people are responding super well!



Fill out this form to get a quote! We'll get back to you as soon as we can - usually within one business day. 

"We're all in this together" is one of the core values of improv, and so for the time being, all our quotes are pay what you can. We want to help people through this challenging time, and believe that improv is such a powerful tool to do so. If your budget cannot handle this right now, we'd still like to find a way to work with you!

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